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Smoked eisbein slow cooked in beer, ginger, mustard and honey with a good pinch of smoked chilli flakes on fluffy rich mustard mash. I didn’t have ginger beer so decided to try a light beer and fresh grated ginger, it worked!

  • 3 mini smoked eisbeins
  • 4 x 330 ml cans tafel lite beer (I’m sure any lite beer will work)
  • 3 cm grated fresh (or frozen) ginger root (I like a strong ginger flavour)
  • 100 ml honey
  • 100 ml mustard
  • good big pinch of smoked chilli flakes
  • brown onion soup or corn-starch to thicken sauce

Put everything except the eisbeins in slow cooker and stir through until honey and mustard dissolved into the beer. Put the eisbeins in the liquid and set the cooker on HIGH for first two hours then turn down too low for next 3 hours.

Remove the eisbeins to a plate, cut the stretch cord and discard. Make a gravy by pouring the cooking liquid into a saucepan and reducing quickly over high heat. You can make a nice gravy with brown onion soup powder or corn-starch slurry stirred into the cooking liquid until it thickens.
Serve on fluffy rich mash with grainy mustard stirred through it.

Photo and recipe: Elsabie Templeton‎

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