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Peppermint Crisp tert, reg vir die yskas. More middag smul die familie na ons beplande groot saamtrek en lekker eet.

  • For a large tart:
  • 3 tins caramel
  • 750 ml cream
  • 3 peppermint crisp chocolates
  • 3 packets of Tennis biscuits
  • 1 cup of coffee
  • 250 ml cream for topping

Grate chocolates.
In mixing bowl beat 750 ml cream till nice and firm.
Add the caramel and approximately 2 grated chocolates.
Beat until fully mixed and incorporated into the cream.
Briefly dip cookies in coffee and put a layer in your large glass bowl.
Next pour half of the caramel/cream mix over cookies.
Add another layer of cookies and then caramel mix.
Crush remaining cookies and evenly sprinkle over the tart.
Then beat 250 ml cream lightly, just as it starts to thicken, but still pourable.
Pour over the tart and spread evenly.
Grate last chocolate over the cream and refrigerate overnight to allow tart to set.

If your serving size is smaller, the ratio is 250 ml of cream to a tin of caramel and one bar of chocolate.
When there is alcohol freely available, I like to use a tot of peppermint liqueur per tin of caramel. Just to ad another layer of taste and yummy mystery.

Recipe posted by May-Ann Bekker
Photo:  May-Ann Bekker

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