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I am sooo chuffed- saw this recipe in a video a while back and decided to try it today… so easy and so yummy. Next time I will leave it off the heat for a while with the lid on to melt the cheese a bit more (that’s what happened with the left over piece – but so you learn)

  • French Toast:
  • 3 – 4 slices of bread, depends on the size of the pan
  • 4 eggs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • dash of milk
  • olive oil or butter
  • Pizza topping:
  • tomato sauce, own choice
  • sliced mushrooms
  • bacon bits or rashers, cut into cubes, pre cooked
  • cheese of choice, for topping
  • chipolata pork sausages, optional

Warm up the pan and add the olive oil/butter/Spray and Cook (to prevent toast from sticking).
Whisk together the ingredients for the French toast.
Dip each slice of bread (both sides) in the egg mixture and place in the warm pan.
Make sure that you fill all the little gaps in the pan (bread can be cut into quarters).
Pour the remainder of the egg mixture over the top to fill the gaps.
Allow it to cook on one side and then flip it over.
Once you have turned your French toast base over, start packing your pizza toppings on top of the cooked side of the toast.
Turn down the heat and put the lid on.
Let it cook slowly until all ingredients are heated through.
Take the pan off the heat and let it sit with the lid on for a few minutes until the cheese has melted all the way through.
Once the pizza is done, it can be placed into the oven for a final grill.

Recipe posted by Heidi-Luise Lotze
Photo’s: Heidi-Luise Lotze

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