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Use 1 large bowl with a lid or separate bowls for each loaf. Pick clear plastic bowls so you can gauge the progress of the dough. The dough will rise to double the size, so pick one that will be large enough.

Other tools – silicon spatula and plastic dough scraper makes the job easier.

A good accurate electronic scale that can indicate the tiny amounts of yeast needed is a must. All measurements are done in weight, not by volume, as it is much more accurate. Different flours have different textures so more could fit into a cup than a coarse flour. The other point is that I could compact the flour more than you do. Measuring the weight means that you are always exactly right.

Everything else gets weighed as a percentage of the flour weight.

Kitchen thermometer probe – to test inside temperature of bread – much more accurate than knocking on bottom of the loaf.

For more info and photo’s click here.


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