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  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 1 liter boiling water
  • 150 ml custard powder + extra if needed

Mix the water and condensed milk and stir well.
Measure out the custard powder, and put it back in the empty condensed milk tin, and mix it with some cold water to a paste. Then add some of the boiling water and condensed milk mixture to fill the tin and mixed it through.
Pour the rest of the condensed milk and boiling water mixture in a large bowl, added the custard mixture and blended with a whisk.
I went ahead and placed it in the microwave for 3 minutes, then mixed, and continued to do that for 7 more minutes, and mixed after each one minute interval.

Be careful as it can and may boil over if the container not large enough.

As the condensed milk we get here in Canada is more liquidy than what I remember from SA condensed milk, I ended up after 7 minutes of boiling in the microwave, to add another half portion (75 ml) of the custard powder and made a paste with cold water and mixed that in the already half prepared custard mixture.

Boil it for another 5 minutes (if I recall correctly) with 1 minute intervals of boiling and mixing to the end.
Once done, I left it and once cooled down it does set more and it’s delicious.

2nd photo and recipe: Esme Slabs
Photo: nicolene Bezuidenhout

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  1. Yolandé

    Thank you. It tasted very nice with my malva pudding.


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