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Hierdie is die heel beste botterroom versiersel wat ek nog gemaak het, en ek het al baie gemaak. Dit behou vorm en crust nie soos gewone icing nie. Maklik genoeg, solank jy ‘n staan menger het. Hand elektriese klitser kan ook werk maar jy klits en klits en klits (seker 10 minute).

  • 180 g fresh large egg whites (6 Large)
  • 300 g castor sugar (1 + ½ cups) (normal sugar can be used)
  • 240 g icing sugar (2 cups)
  • 170 g solid vegetable shortening (¾ cup) room temperature
  • 454 g unsalted butter (2 cups) room temperature
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract or vanilla paste
  • salt – pinch *( a dash of salt can heighten all these flavors – add at the end with the vanilla)

Cut butter and shortening in inch by inch blocks, leave out overnight to become room temperature.
Over a double boiler, in a large metal bowl whisk together the castor (or normal) sugar and the egg whites stirring constantly until the mixture reaches approximately 46°C (115°F) or the sugar grains have dissolved and are no longer gritty between your fingers.
Pour this mixture into the metal bowl of the stand mixer with the WHISK attachment and whip on high speed until it is thick, glossy and white in color. The peaks should be as firm as firm can be.
In the meantime you can sift your icing sugar, and once you have achieved STIFF peaks meringue, add the icing sugar all at once with the mixer on very low speed to avoid having a snow shower of sugar all over your kitchen!
Once all of the sugar has been incorporated you can turn the mixer speed to med-high until it is all nicely mixed in. Switch to the paddle attachment and blend on low speed until smooth. Meringue bowl must be cool to the touch before adding butter, otherwise you will just make butter soup.
Be sure your butter and shortening are at room temperature and they are the same consistency. Add it in fairly fast, one block at a time. Meringue will deflate a bit at first and look as if it curdles, just keep going until all the butter and shortening is in and emulsified.
Add vanilla extract and salt.

– This recipe can be stored for 4 days room temperature, 2 weeks refrigerator, 2 months freezer
After refrigeration or freezing:
– Take it out several hours or a day before you need it, and let it get to room temperature.
– Place entire recipe back on the mixer and with the PADDLE attachment on low- medium and let it mix.
– It will look as if it is curdled, don’t be alarmed this is normal, it will come back together eventually after beating.

Die source is Gretchen’s Kitchen. Ek het hom al ‘n paar jaar in my arsenaal, weet nie hoekom ek hom nog nie geplaas het nie. Gretchen het nog die Woodlands Bakery gehad toe ek hom op haar blog gekry het. Sy is seker een van die beste pastry chefs out there.

Photo and tested: Kiti de Jager

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