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This was such a lovely dough to work with. Here are my weights and ingredients:
  • 300 g water
  • 100 g bubbly starter
  • 500 g unbleached stoneground bread flour
  • 10 g salt

Mix the water and bubbly starter well.
Add the unbleached stoneground bread flour and salt.
Mix and autolyse (rest) 1 hour.

Transfer to standing mixer and hook attachment. On speed 2 for 15 minutes.
Cover and bulk rise until doubled.
Pre-shape, rest 30 minutes, final shape and overnight.

I will bake this tomorrow morning in a hot Dutch Oven 230°C covered for 40 minutes and 210°C uncovered until browned – my oven takes 15 to 20 minutes.

To make your sourdough starter :
Mix equal amounts of water and flour in a glass jar.
Add same amounts the next day.
Discard half on the third day and add equal amounts of flour and water again.
Carry on with this method for at least 14 days.
Once your starter rises and falls (at least triples in size as shown in the pic in comments) and it has a lovely yeasty smell then you know it’s ready!

Recipe and photos:  Natacha Visagie
Ek het ook die pesto en sondroë tamatie broodjie gebak, presies dieselle resep, net 50g basil pesto by die water ingemeng. Die deeg is Heelwat slapper😍
Die tamaties het ek net voor die shaping in gelaminate❤

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