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Cook: 12 minutes | Servings: 12 - 24


Yesterday I had the pleasure of my brother’s 5-year old (she will INSIST that she’s 5 and a half) visiting me – obviously we had to bake some cookies!

This choc-chip cookie recipe has only 6 ingredients and are super soft and scrumptious!
Recipe yields about 12 large or 24 small(ish) cookies.
  • 115 g soft butter
  • 115 g caster sugar
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten
  • 5 ml vanilla
  • 175 g all purpose flour
  • 175 g chocolate chips (we like to use the Aero bake slabs, broken into small pieces)
Pre-heat oven to 180ºC and line baking trays with baking paper.
Cream butter and sugar.
Add egg and vanilla and mix well.
Sift flour into the mixture and mix thoroughly.
Add the chocolate chips and mix until well dispersed in your dough.
Roll into balls, place on prepared trays and flatten slightly.
Bake ± 12 minutes until golden.
Remove and let cool on the tray before moving to a cooling rack.
Store in airtight container.

Recipe and photo: Karen Homan

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