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Cook: 30 minutes plus cooling time


  • 3 egg whites (note on yolks at the bottom)
  • 250 ml sugar
  • 20 crushed salty cream crackers
  • pin of cream of tartar
  • 150 ml pecan nuts chopped
  • 5 ml vanilla essence
  • 250 ml fresh cream
  • tinned fruit for decorating

Whisk egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff. Gradually add sugar while you whisk. Fold in crushed crackers and nuts into the egg mixture. Lastly add vanilla, mix through and spoon onto a round of rectangular prepared glass pizza plate. Bake at 150ºC for 30 min. Leave in the oven, turn the oven off and leave the door a little open until cooled down.
Use the meringue layers as preferred.
Make an egg custard with the 3 egg yolks. (recipe below).
Before serving, cover the meringue with custard and thickened fresh cream. Decorate with freshly grated coconut and fruit.

Recipe posted by Nobie van Heerden

  • 300 ml full cream milk
  • ½ vanilla pod, split down middle, seeds scraped out and added to milk with the pod.
  • 55 g caster sugar
  • 3 large egg yolk’s

Heat milk on medium heat to just below boiling point at medium heat. Remove from heat and let it infuse for 30 minutes to intensify if you have the time.
Not essential but will add to the flavour and you do want to bring down the temperature of the milk before adding the eggs to it.
Whisk egg yolks with the caster sugar until pale and thick. Remove the vanilla pod from the milk, add to the egg mixture while whisking. Return to pan and heat at low temperature while whisking continuously to prevent it to catch at the bottom. It can take up to 15 minutes to reach the stage when it has thickened. Strain through sieve and use as custard or base filling.

Recipe ajusted by Rina Kleinhans

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