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My king cone… Peppermint Crisp!

  • 2 tins Nestle caramel
  • 5 bars of Peppermint Crisp (49 g)
  • 2 cups cream
  • 1 vanilla pod (ek het net vanilla essence gebruik)
  • 8 sugar cones
  • 8 sheets baking paper

Place 1 tin of caramel in a bowl and paddle with a spatula until caramel is smooth. Grate three of the Peppermint Crisp bars on a fine grater and break the other two bars into large chunks for garnish later.
With a mixer whisk cream and vanilla until firm.
Fold cream into softened caramel and fold through grated peppermint. Set mixture aside.

Wrap sugar cones in paper to form a coller and secure it with tape. Place the other tin of caramel in a piping bag and pipe some into the bottom of each cone.
Fill cones with Peppermint Crisp mixture so it sticks up above the cone.
Place standing up in the freezer, preferably overnight. (we cut holes in upturned old ice cream containers to hold them)
When you are ready to serve, remove the collars and garnish with Peppermint Crisp chunks.

Recipe posted by Petro van Genderen
Photo: Petro van Genderen

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