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Let me give you a secret recipe for icing.

  • 350 g cake chocolate
  • 250 ml fresh cream

Melt the chocolate on stove over boiling water, make sure the boiling water does not hit the bowl.
Once melted, beat the fresh cream into the melted chocolate and then refrigerate!
No need to beat the cream, just pour it into the melted chocolate and then beat.
Place in fridge overnight.
Once you want to use the icing to decorate the cake, beat again and spread on the cake top and sides.

Your cakes will look stunning after that, that is what is on my cake in the picture.
Icing is too sweet for me, the cream and chocolate is the best for me and less work.
The consistency is like peanut butter (a little bit softer) and will also work in a piping bag on cupcakes.


Recipe and picture: David Scott

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