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This recipe is absolutely perfect for whatever flavour cupcake you want to bake.
I’ve just baked it again at lunchtime and decorated it with a Lemon and Passionfruit buttercream icing.

Make the basic icing as per the original recipe and add the pips from a tin of passionfruit pulp that has been left to drain in a sieve. Mix through well. Put your icing tip in the bag and cut open the tip at the narrow end of the bag making sure the icing tip is secure and will not be squeezed out with the icing.
Before putting the icing into the icing bag, using a knife add a line of lemon curd along the length of the piping bag where the crease is.
Now carefully add the passionfruit buttercream icing to the piping bag. It works well to put the piping bag on a flat surface with the crease line at the bottom while holding the bag open with one hand and adding the lemon curd as well as the icing with the other hand. Especially if you add the first lot of icing on top of the lemon curd so that it stays in place.
I find a long narrow cake icing spatula works best to fill the plastic piping bag carefully.
Test the first bit of icing out of the bag to see if the effect is what you want then proceed to decorate your cupcakes.…/rins-perfect-vanilla-cupcakes/

Photo and recipe:  Elsabie Templeton

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