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| Servings: 4 Liters


I don’t like Ice-cream overall BUT twice a year, I do eat it… Decembers at the famous Struisbaai Harbour Ice-cream caravan 😋😋 … AND my Homemade caramel ice cream (which I only make once in TWO years….. Otherwise I won’t need a car… I’ll roll everywhere)

SÓ, this morning It was that “once in 2 years” Ice cream making time 😜😋😍… And yes, I’ve already went into the freezer to taste 😜

The photo here under is the original recipe, but I’ve decided to make my own version this morning, because I wanted the CARAMEL taste to be WOW 😋

My version (makes 4 liters PLUS a little bit more to taste if you can’t wait for the 4 liters to set)

  • 2 tins of Ideal Milk (I can’t find tins of Carnation milk anywhere, and frankly, I don’t share the same thought as the unknown author of this recipe that it must be Carnation only, personally to me there is no difference)
  • 2 tins of caramel (YES 2 this is why I’ve left out the Castor sugar in my version)
  • 250 ml Orley Whip
  • 500 ml FRESH cream
  • 7,5 ml vanilla essence
  • 5 ml salt (don’t put more salt because the Ideal Milk is also salty)

(I did beat extra caramel to make it soft and layered it in between when I poured the ice cream in the containers)

My Ideal Milk was still half frozen when I beat it. The colder, the better, and I also used my caramel straight from the freezer (just beat it, before adding it to the whipped cream)
Use 4 different bowls to beat the cream, Ideal Milk, Orley whip and for the frozen caramel.
The most important thing if you’re going to get a successful ice cream, is to beat the Ideal Milk VERY well!
I used my convection oven’s glass bowl to whip it… Look HOW much are 2 tins of Chilled ideal milk!
If the Bokke wins tomorrow, we’re going to celebrate with Pavlova and Ice cream
IF they don’t win…
I’m going to drown my sorrows with an ice cream container on my lap and a BIG spoon. 😜

Recipe and photo: Erna Welgemoed Bruwer

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