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1 sheet gelatin 2 – 3 g powdered gelatin, or approx. 1 teaspoon
3½ sheets approx. 1 envelope Knox gelatin
4 sheets approx. 1 tablespoon powdered gelatin


Note that they require different treatments to work properly.

Sheets need to be softened in cold water and then heated, while the powdered gelatin can just be sprinkled over a liquid to “bloom.”
Gelatin sheets have to be softened in cold water and clarified by heating to a liquid.
Powdered gelatin has to be sprinkled over the surface of a liquid to soften.

Soak gelatine leaves in a bowl of cold water for 5-10 minutes or until soft. Remove from bowl and squeeze out excess water. Next, dissolve the leaves in the warm or hot liquid that you want to set.

Packages of 15 leaves, each package weighing 25 g.

The leaves each measure 7 x 11.7 cm = each leave 1.66 g… 20 g = 12 leaves

Thys Taljaard:
1 lang velletjie = ±1 g
Ratio vir basiese stolling is 1 g gelatine tot 100 ml vloeistof – dus 1 velletjie per 100 ml vloeistof.
Vrugte met ‘n hoër suur inhoud maw alle sitrus en pynappels (tensy afgekook om die ensieme af te breek) se ratio is 2 g tot 100 ml maw 2 velletjies per 100 ml.

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