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Over night


  • 500 ml cream
  • 1 tin condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

Beat cream until double in volume and nice and thick.  Add condensed milk and vanilla essence.
Mix gently by hand until nicely incorporated.
Pour into a 2 litre container that has a lid. Seal well.
Put in freezer until set – ideally overnight.
You can add any fruit that you may like. Just chop it up as finely or chunky as you want and mix it in before you put the lid on.

You can add:
Mixed frozen berries
Broken up Oreo cookies
Chopped up cherries
Grated or chopped chocolate
Broken pieces of honeycomb (crunchy)

Recipe and photo: Mae van der Westhuizen

Minette Wescomb
Ek klits ook n paar lepels grondboontjiebotter in.
Tertius E Barnardt
Kan ook volume vermeerder deur bulgaarse jogurt 250 ml by te voeg en na die room dik word, stadig in menger by te voeg en dan kondensmelk by te voeg terwyl stadig meng.(sny versuikerde kersies en fyngemaakte pepermint crisp en voeg by as nog ‘n opsie).
Ria Visser
I make this often. I add crushed cappuccino biscuits and add a tin of the cappuccino caramel to the cream and condensed milk.
Wanda Cawood
I take 1 litre cream, 1 tin condensed milk, 1 cup milk powder mixed with water. 1 slab grated chocolate. Beat cream untill stiff. Add the rest, mix by hand. Freeze overnight.

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