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I had a lot of fun trying out something new, this is not a recipe as such, but more of an idea.
I used a Christmas ball and covered it with cling wrap. Melted some brown chocolate, let it cool down slightly, then dip the covered ball in the chocolate. Place it in the fridge to set and harden. Gently remove the chocolate from the ball and cling wrap. Use the chocolate ball as you wish. You may end up with some breakage, but that’s part of trying out something new.

I then made some chocolate mousse but next time I will use my all-time favorite Easy 15-Minute Mousse with Cocoa Powder and Condensed Milk

For the initials, I made a template and printed the initials I needed, covering the sheet of paper with parchment paper. Again, melted some chocolate (this time I used white chocolate) and in fact melted it in a small plastic bag. Let it cool down slightly, and once ready cut the tip off and used the template to pipe, and let it set and harden.

To decorate the plate, I used a Strainer Ladle, sifted cocoa powder, and then cleaned up the outer edge and only keep the little dots. I dripped some still ‘wet’ white chocolate and then placed the chocolate cup on this wet chocolate to set and keep the cup in place. Fill it with whatever you prefer or try the above mousse or even the South African Amarula Chocolate Mousse

Furthermore, I added an Oreo cookie and a Chocolate Hazelnut Rolled Wafer (I had available) as decoration.

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