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  • 750 g ribs (beef – chuck, shoulder or shin)
  • 25 g butter
  • 250 g peeled shallots (took shredded onion)
  • 200 g winter carrot in slices
  • 1 toe garlic, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon dried Provencal herbs
  • 1 tablespoon cake flour
  • 100 ml meat broth
  • 250 ml red wine
  • 125 g smoked bacon cubes
  • 250 g mushrooms halved
  • parsley

Rubbing the meat with salt and  pepper. Bake the meat brown in a frying pan with hot butter.
Bake the shallots with the meat.
Add the carrot, garlic and herbs and mix through, sprinkle the flour over it and mix.
Pour the broth and wine, bring it against to cooking temperature the fire and simmer the meat on a very low heat,  for in 2 to 2½ hours.
Fry the bacon in a frying pan, and take it out of the pan. Set aside.
Fry the mushrooms in the bacon baking fat on high heat.
Add the bacon and mushrooms to the stew and mix through.
Sprinkle the not too fine cut leaf parsley over the stew.
Delicious with boiled potatoes and green beans.

Tip if you don’t like alcohol then there is also wine without alcohol for sale these days.

Recipe and photo:  Annet Geelhoed

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