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Marie beskuitjies is seker een van die mees bekendste beskuitjies in Suid Afrika. Elkeen van ons het groot geword met hierdie beskuitjies in ons huise. Marie beskuitjies gesmeer met karamel is enige soet tand se liefling en sy gaan lekker saam met Tee en Koffie. As kind het ek altyd gewonder na wie hierdie beskuitjie vernoem was. Ek was altyd onder die indruk dat dit ‘n eg Suid Afrikaanse beskuitjie was en dat die naam dalk na ‘n boere nooi genaamd Marie verwys het of miskien was sy die dogter van die bakker wat die Marie beskuitjie vervaardig het. Ek was egter geensins na aan die waarheid nie. Continue reading


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Make the perfect meringue by following these steps.
All it takes is a few nifty tricks.

by: Julie Donald | 26 May 2015

Meringues are one of those things that seem impossibly “French” with an effortless elan (def: distinctive style or flair). Sorry for the pretension, but I have been dying to use the word elan since I learned it in a crossword puzzle in 1996, but it really does sum up meringues for me. A distinctive style or flair.

The French really do find the most incredible and amazing things to do with eggs (think soufflé, mayonnaise and of course meringues). A good meringue should be light as air, crisp on the outside and just a touch chewy on the inside). Also, fat free – and who can argue with a fat free dessert these days. Continue reading


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Use 1 large bowl with a lid or separate bowls for each loaf. Pick clear plastic bowls so you can gauge the progress of the dough. The dough will rise to double the size, so pick one that will be large enough.

Other tools – silicon spatula and plastic dough scraper makes the job easier.

A good accurate electronic scale that can indicate the tiny amounts of yeast needed is a must. All measurements are done in weight, not by volume, as it is much more accurate. Different flours have different textures so more could fit into a cup than a coarse flour. The other point is that I could compact the flour more than you do. Measuring the weight means that you are always exactly right.

Everything else gets weighed as a percentage of the flour weight. Continue reading




We are not agents of DEFY or are not related to them at all, so we cannot give any advise on DEFY product, sorry.

Ek probeer “Rotisserie” hoender vandag. Die naam dui aan dat hy in die rondte draai, maar hoendertjie lê plat in die waaieroond. Die wonder van die waaier ☢️ Ek sal kom wys hoe hy lyk as hy klaar gebak het.
Hier is ‘n paar riglyne vir bak in jou waaieroond.

Thermofan ovens, which were developed and registered by DEFY in 1978, use the
principle of forced convection within the oven cavity. This offers a variety of benefits. A number of baking trays may be used simultaneously, thereby increasing the effective
capacity of the oven and reducing overall baking time. Different dishes may be prepared at the same time without flavour transferring from one to another. The oven door may be opened at any time for inspection purposes without affecting baking performance. Chickens may be grilled effectively without the use of a rotisserie.
Thermofan ovens require a slightly different technique from conventional ovens.
These notes enable the first time Thermofan user to get the best results.
The airflow in a Thermofan oven allows lowered temperatures to be used. This results in roasts being more succulent and baking having a better texture. At the same time a small saving in electricity consumption is made.
Baking times in a Thermofan oven are the same as for a Conventional oven. Continue reading