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We are not agents of DEFY or are not related to them at all, so we cannot give any advise on DEFY product, sorry.

Ek probeer “Rotisserie” hoender vandag. Die naam dui aan dat hy in die rondte draai, maar hoendertjie lê plat in die waaieroond. Die wonder van die waaier ☢️ Ek sal kom wys hoe hy lyk as hy klaar gebak het.
Hier is ‘n paar riglyne vir bak in jou waaieroond.

Thermofan ovens, which were developed and registered by DEFY in 1978, use the
principle of forced convection within the oven cavity. This offers a variety of benefits. A number of baking trays may be used simultaneously, thereby increasing the effective
capacity of the oven and reducing overall baking time. Different dishes may be prepared at the same time without flavour transferring from one to another. The oven door may be opened at any time for inspection purposes without affecting baking performance. Chickens may be grilled effectively without the use of a rotisserie.
Thermofan ovens require a slightly different technique from conventional ovens.
These notes enable the first time Thermofan user to get the best results.
The airflow in a Thermofan oven allows lowered temperatures to be used. This results in roasts being more succulent and baking having a better texture. At the same time a small saving in electricity consumption is made.
Baking times in a Thermofan oven are the same as for a Conventional oven.
The Thermofan oven can bake up to three times as much as a conventional oven and therefore more moisture may be released than usual. Evidence of condensation may appear around the oven vents. This is normal.
Thermofan ovens are supplied with two baking trays.
Additional trays may be purchased from your nearest Defy Spares Centre.
The position of the shelves will be determined by the size of the items to be baked.
Ideally, unused trays and shelves should be left in position to optimise the airflow in the
EXAMPLE 1: Biscuits, Sausage rolls, Scones….
These items do not require baking tins and may be placed directly on the trays. For bulk baking both trays may be used simultaneously.
The recommended positions of the trays are :
Bottom and second support from the top.
An additional tray may be purchased from your nearest Defy Spares Centre in which case baking may be done on three trays simultaneously.
EXAMPLE 2: Layer cakes
Do not use baking tins with elevated bottoms. The cake tin bottom must touch the baking tray. Both trays may be used simultaneously. The recommended positions of the trays are :
Bottom and second support from the top.
EXAMPLE 3: Larger Cakes , Bread, Fruit Cakes, Date Loaves. These items should be baked on two trays. The recommended positions of the trays are: Bottom and second support from the top.
These should be placed at the front corner of each baking tray and as near to the oven door as possible.
These should be placed across the front of the baking trays, equally spaced left to right and as near to the oven door as possible. If two or more loaves per tray are baked, place the tins lengthwise on the trays and near to the oven door.
Excellent results may be obtained by using both trays and reducing recipe temperatures. Baking time could be slightly prolonged. The door may be opened for inspection purposes, after half the baking time has elapsed.
“Rotisserie” CHICKEN
Two or more chickens, depending on size, may be done simultaneously in the Thermofan oven. The chickens should be placed directly on a chrome wire shelf and a drip tray should be placed on a second wire shelf directly below each chicken. Place 250ml of water in each drip tray. Set the oven to 200°C. The Thermofan will circulate hot air around each chicken, browning it to perfection. The time will vary depending on the mass of the chicken. For example a 1,5kg chicken would take approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes.
Grilling in a Thermofan oven is the same as in a conventional oven. Heat is supplied by the Grill element at the top of the oven and the fan does not operate during grilling. All the bake trays must be removed during grilling as the intense heat could cause them to warp. The roast pan and/or smokeless broiler supplied with your oven should be placed on a wire rack as close to the grill element as possible.
With a little practice excellent baking results will be obtained.
Inligting van Defy se webblad.
Hulle gee ook beraamde baktye vir verskillende kossoorte, gebak, ens.



  1. Hi, going to try that chicken sometime. Are there any tips and cooking times for roast potatoes amd butternut and roast chicken breasts? Using thermofan or just conventional? Defy Slimline Thermofan+ range oven.

    • Louise Groenewald

      Hi Stephen, I find that I use my oven’s fan setting for absolutely everything. From roasting meat, to baking, to drying rusks. So yes, use your fan setting when roasting veggies.

      For roast potatoes, check after 30 minutes by inserting a sharp knife in the biggest piece. If still not cooked 100%, give it another 10 – 15 minutes. For a quicker version you can pre-cook your potatoes and roast them for 20 – 30 minutes with butter or oil. For roasting I use a fairly high setting (200*C) For perfect results the most important rule is not to overcrowd your roasting tin. If your pan is too full your veggies will steam and not roast. This is just a guideline as all ovens differ. It took me a while to make friends with Thermofan oven 🙂 Practice makes perfect.
      I roast butternut chunks with skin on with a few sprigs of fresh rosemary and a pinch of cumin. Real butter gives a lovely result. Use same cooking guideline as with potatoes. Always roast veggies open, no lid or tin foil covering.
      Chicken breast (fillets without bone) you should check after 20 minutes as it can get dry quickly. Bone in chicken breasts need a longer cooking time. Check after 30 minutes to see if juices run clear. Give it another 5 minutes if needed.
      I hope these tips are helpful Stephen 🙂

  2. Claudia Richards

    I just got a new Defy Gemini Multifunction oven. It was delivered with 2 baking trays. However these trays are not flat but have a diamont shaped pattern. How am I going to bake cookies on them? I could not find an explanation anywhere. Many thanks.

    • Hi Glaudia
      Thans for your enquiry, but we are only a recipe website and cannot give advise on products such as Defy. I suggest you phone one of the agents for advise please? Or send a email to Defy ans ask that one of the sales people contact you.
      Hope you come right.

  3. Roline Nieuwenhuizen

    Morning, so if i bake a two layered cake, one pan is on the bottom rack and one on the top rack?

  4. Hello I recently baked rusks in my defy thermovan oven an they took very long to harden an when they did it came out very hard . What am I doing wrong

    • Beenita, ek glo nie dit het iets te doen met jou oond nie. As die oond se hitte reg was sou dit perfek gebak het. Ek verstaan nie heeltemal wat jy bedoel met (they took very long to harden) was dit tydens die bak proses, of die uitdroog proses, maar gewoontlik wanneer die beskuit so hard is, het mens die verkeerde margarien gebruik. Mens moet botter of margarien gebruik met ‘n baie hoë vet inhoud, maw of bak margarien of botter.
      Hoop dit antwoord jou vraag.

  5. I got my defy thermofan on Monday. I’ve baked muffins and the muffins do not brown on top. What did I do wrong? Especially the side and back ones. Please help as I am baking these for extra money.

    • Hallo I suggest you contact the place where you bought it or the agent, we are only a recipe page, we cannot give advise on the ovens. Is the shelf in the middle of the oven, and is the fan on, place the pan in the centre of the oven, then it must brown evenly. Discuss it with the service provider please?

  6. Hi.
    Im baking cookies in my thermofan oven as recipe says on 180.

    My cookies are far tooooo dark.
    The fan setting says top abd bottom.

    Is this correct.


    • Hi Sharon
      In a thermofan oven you always bake 10 – 20 ºC lower than what the recipe ask, unless the recipe states that the time is for a thermofan oven. Also remember the time in a recipe is only an indications, so if the cookies are ready, take it out of the oven. Yes you always bake with top and bottom setting. Test your oven with a loose thermometer to see if the temperature is correct, that can help you a lot.

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