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You can add 5 ml vanilla essence and some castor sugar to the cream if you want to sweeten it a bit…depending on your personal taste.

  • 8 – 10 vanilla tinkies
  • 1 tin crushed pineapple (432 g)
  • 1 packet pineapple jelly
  • 1 ½ cups custard (ready made)
  • Orley Whip cream

Place tinkies in a  triffle dish.
Place the crushed pineapple in a mixing bowl, add the jelly powder and mix thoroughly.
Add the custard and mix.
Spoon the mixture over the tinkies and refrigerate.
Whip the cream and spoon over the jelly mixture. ( sweeten if prefer)
Decorate as you wish.
Let it set for a 5 hour or overnight in the fridge.

Recipe and photo: Rowena Jacobs

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