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Ek het ‘n baie lekker versiersel ontdek wat nog nie op die blog is nie. Dis maklik, nie oorsoet nie en proe amper soos Swiss Buttercream.

  • 2 cups whole milk (500 g)
  • ¼ cup (75 ml) sugar (30 g)
  • 10 ml vanilla
  • 2 boxes of Vanilla Pudding Mix (I used Moirs Caramel)
  • 300 g unsalted butter, cubed, ROOM TEMP
  • 1 cake to decorate

Add milk to a pot you sprayed with oil (prevent burning), combine everything except the butter in your pot. Stir and boil until thick, careful that it does not burn. Empty into a bowl and cover with clingwrap to cool to room temperature.
Very important. If your pudding is even slightly warm it will melt the butter instead of incorporating it. I cooled mine by inserting this bowl into another bowl with salted ice and water.
Add this cold mixture to a stand mixer, and with the whisk attachment, whip on high while you add your butter in chunks. Whip until you get a thick smooth buttercream, about 5 minutes.
If it looks like it is splitting, just keep on whisking to bring it back.
Like all buttercreams (Italian/swiss) it goes through a “split” stage before coming together, just keep at it.
The taste of your buttercream will depend on the flavour of your pudding. But even just vanilla is YUM!

Photo and recipe posted by Kiti de Jager
Source: Based on a recipe by Gus Baldwin, maar met my eie variasies.

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